We present as the latest model of the ship modeled by Transas, which is the latest version of the 240 bridge missions, full mission and engine simulation and use. "Navi-Trainer Professional 5000", a tool that enables simulation training and certification as required by IMO STCW 78/95, revised in 2010.
For the engine side, we use the TechSim 5000, which has the same engineering capability and can integrate both systems.
In addition, we have simulators for liquid cargo operations, ECDIS and GMDSS.
  Maritime Simulation Centre
The training is divided into 5 sections.
1. Full Mission Bridge Simulator
2. Full Mission Engine Room Simulator
3. Liquid Cargo Operation Simulator
  We also have practical training. Both in and out of place In order for trainees to practice with simulated simulation status. And controlled by a dedicated team of specialists. Most importantly, we consider the safety of the trainees.  
Theoretical classroom We are well equipped for classroom management in theoretical training. Ready to accommodate the number of trainees. It also includes advanced instructional media available to enable learners to fully learn in every field.
We are ready for the training building. Can accommodate
Trainers include the Atlantic Building and Pacific Building.
We have a coffee shop LOMA'Coffee to provide coffee, bakery for trainees to sit and drink coffee while waiting for training. We have allocated space in the air conditioning. And outside area for those who want to drink coffee with a view of the cool air.
    In addition, we also have a dining room. For lunch of participants.
We offer free lunch service. For all participants, including coffee.
Snacks during the break during training.